F2G Ltd announces publication of initial F901318 data in scientific journal PNAS

  • F901318 represents a novel class of antifungal drug, the orotomides
  • Currently in clinical development for the treatment of invasive aspergillosis 

MANCHESTER, UK – 26 October 2016 – F2G Ltd, the UK-based antifungal drug discovery and development company, today announced the publication of the initial F901318 data in the prestigious scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), of their work in elucidating the mechanism of action of its novel orotomide antifungal – lead candidate F901318. The study entitled “F901318 represents a novel class of antifungal drug that inhibits dihydroorotate dehydrogenase” can be found here: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2016/10/24/1608304113.abstract 

The identification of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) as the mechanism by which F901318 inhibits and kills Aspergillus fumigatus was a major breakthrough differentiating F901318 from all other systemic antifungal agents. DHODH represents one of only a handful of clinically validated antifungal drug targets. The paper describes the genetic and biochemical techniques used to identify and conclusively confirm DHODH as the target of F901318 and also the in vivo activity of the drug in severe infection models. 

Aspergillosis is a serious pulmonary infection caused by Aspergillus, a common fungus that affects people with weakened immune systems or lung diseases. Due to its novel mechanism of action, F901318 is active against drug resistant Aspergillus species and other rare moulds offering potentially life-saving therapy options. 

Dr Jason Oliver, Lead author and Head of Biochemistry, F2G Ltd said: “We are delighted that PNAS recognised the importance of our work in the identification and validation of DHODH as an antifungal target. New antifungal drugs that act via novel mechanisms are urgently needed to combat the high mortality of invasive fungal disease and the emergence of resistance to existing therapies. We are focussed on exploiting DHODH fully to develop the next generation of systemic antifungals.” 

Ian Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer, F2G Ltd added: “The antifungal pipeline has failed to produce new antifungal drugs with mechanisms of action different from those of existing classes in the past 15 years since caspofungin was licensed in 2001. F901318 is active against drug resistant Aspergillus species and other rare moulds offering potentially life-saving therapy options. We are thrilled that the hard work and dedication of Jason and his team has resulted in this publication in such a leading peer reviewed international journal.” 

F2G plans to advance its lead compound, F901318 to completion of a pivotal registration study, and to further develop earlier stage assets in its pipeline.

About F2G

F2G is a world leading UK biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapies to treat life threatening invasive fungal infections, with experienced management & board. F2G has discovered and developed a completely new class of antifungal agents called the orotomides. The orotomides are active against Aspergillus and other rare and resistant moulds and act via a completely different mechanism than currently marketed antifungal agents. Due to their new mechanism of action, orotomides are active against fungal infections resistant to current therapies, a growing problem globally. A limited Phase II study for F901318 is planned imminently with pivotal registration trials in Invasive Aspergillosis planned for 2017 based on an accelerated regulatory pathway agreed with the relevant agencies. F901318 is being developed both as IV and oral formulations and promises to have a safe and well-tolerated profile. The company recently announced a $60 million financing to develop its pipeline of novel therapies to treat life threatening invasive fungal infections.


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