A tenacious team
A novel science
A fighting chance

At F2G, transformation is personal

man smiling leaning against the wall

Our tenacious team is united by the belief that patients fighting rare, life-threatening fungal infections need more options. And we’ve been working toward realising that goal for many years.

Our deep expertise, passion for innovative science, and patient-first ethos are the cornerstones of our work and our culture.

Developing effective antifungals is a big challenge for science

But that hasn’t stopped us. We are harnessing the power of a novel science to achieve life-changing results.

Life-threatening fungal pathogens

are constantly fighting back against our innate defenses and therapeutic options.1 We don’t want to run out of options to treat them.

Creating new possibilities

It takes a team that is not afraid to defy the odds. We are motivated to grow, adapt, and navigate complex challenges so that patients can have a fighting chance. Join us in developing life-saving options for defined patient populations.

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