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We believe that the world’s greatest health challenges can be solved when radical hope is grounded in cutting-edge science. At F2G (Functional Fungal Genomics), we focus on developing first-in-class medicines to treat rare, life-threatening fungal infections. Our team has been on a 20-year journey, determined to unlock the potential of our science so that patients and caregivers can better fight their battle and go on to win their war.

The story of our novel agent began with a fortuitous discovery. Exploration of genes unearthed a promising class with extraordinary therapeutic potential. Over the next two decades, we followed our intuition and the science. We embraced challenges along the way. We found inspiration in our technology. And we committed ourselves to creating the chance for a better tomorrow.

Our team

Synergy happens when a world-class team of scientists and operational experts join forces to drive innovation. Our team has built biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, launched successful first-in-class treatments, and harnessed deep knowledge in microbiology and biochemistry. Many years of unparalleled expertise are channeled into the therapies we create. Together, we aim to improve the treatment landscape in rare fungal infections.

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The team is collaborative, supportive, and professional with no hidden agenda. Finally, it is fantastic to be able to work on a program that has therapeutic potential.”

Lesley Fitton
Executive Director, Clinical Operations


Francesco Maria Lavino
Chief Executive Officer
Ralf Schmid
Chief Financial Officer
John H. Rex, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Mike Birch
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Baglin
Chief Commercial Officer
Janelle R. Anderson, PhD
Chief Business Officer

Board of Directors

Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director
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Non-Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
Board Observer

How we got here

Over the last two decades, our patient-first convictions have pushed us to embrace challenges and navigate courageously through the unknown. As we continue to advance solutions for rare infectious diseases, our story is a daily reminder of what’s possible when tenacious people follow the science toward novel, effective solutions.

Functional Fungal Genomics (F2G) is founded on a genomic technology platform that would ultimately pioneer the discovery and development of first-in-class antifungals.
F2G harnesses their proprietary genomic technology platform and begins identifying essential genes in fungi.
Driven by the emerging global need for new antifungals, F2G pivots focus from target screening to chemistry-driven drug discovery for the treatment of rare fungal infections.
After screening a library of small molecules against the Aspergillus fungus, F2G identifies a chemical series with potent antifungal activity named the “F3 series.”
F2G adopts the F3 series after identifying its novel mechanism of action against fungus—a promising discovery with the potential to treat patients who have run out of options.
F2G initiates a new discovery programme dedicated to developing the therapeutic potential of the F3 series.
Upon additional enhancement of F3’s antifungal potency, F2G synthesizes their first drug candidate, paving a path forward for patients battling rare fungal infections.
F2G’s first candidate enters phase 1 clinical trials.
Following positive results from phase 1 clinical trials, F2G’s first candidate enters phase 2 clinical trials.
F2G’s first candidate is the first antifungal agent to be awarded Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA for the indication of treatment of invasive fungal infections in patients with limited or no treatment options including aspergillosis refractory or intolerant to currently available therapy, and infections due to Lomentospora prolificans, Scedosporium, and Scopulariopsis species’.
F2G’s first candidate is awarded a second Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the FDA for the indication of treatment of Central Nervous System valley fever (coccidioidomycosis) refractory or otherwise unable to be treated with standard of care therapy’.
F2G’s first candidate enters phase 3 clinical trials.
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Investors and partners

F2G is supported by a blue-chip investor syndicate, which includes:

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cowen healthcare investments
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Sofinnova partners
Advent Life Sciences
European Investment Bank
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Bionow - Investment Deal of the Year Winner 2022
Award-winning innovation

F2G was awarded Bionow’s 2022 Investment Deal of the Year in recognition of our collaboration with Shionogi Co., Ltd. to develop and commercialise a novel antifungal agent for patients. This award is a testament to our global commitment to bringing a potentially life-saving therapy to patients with fungal infections.

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